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About Me

I'm a home-grown Connecticut girl!

Designing flowers is my passion. I have been designing weddings, corporate events, holidays and special occasions for over 35 years. My love for all aspects of nature, flowers, and animals inspires me everyday to come up with distinctive designs. Throughout my career, I have mentored and coached new designers to make them respected professionals in the field.

I've created unique arrangements for everything from small occasions to life changing events. I love to share tips & techniques on how to create beautiful living works of art.  I decided to start The Petal Coach so I could bring my design skills & passion to more people. I can't wait to share my knowledge with you! 


"The most beautiful floral arrangements I have seen were created by Carol.


Her love and talent for the art of flowers goes perfectly together; she is able to put those feelings into a creation that is beyond words. She has the ability to work with speed to accommodate any venue, large or small... always with the finished product much admired. Carol is a delightful person with a contagious personality that inspires people to be their best. She is an excellent teacher that brings out the emotional feelings in someone wishing to be creative. She would make learning to create your own work of art something you would be proud of. I would not hesitate to recommend the enjoyable experience of taking floral designing with Carol to anyone!"

~ Ann 

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"I learned more in that one day about the art of floral design, time management, and flower hacks than I could taking a class for a whole semester in college."


"I hired Carol to order, design, and arrange flowers for my sister's wedding. She even let me help the day before so I could learn beside her. It was like watching an artist at work in a Master Class! Carol was the right balance of practical, patient, and perfection! I would recommend any of her classes if you want to learn from THE BEST in a professional yet relaxed way."

~ Kelly

"Carol is an amazing person and teacher. She cares deeply about her work and shares her extensive knowledge and floral expertise with all those under her leadership and training.


She adds a creative artistic touch to all of her pieces and shows her students the 'how to' in a thoughtful and timely fashion. Her industry insights are fantastic - and she shares them without hesitation. She not only shows you the art of floral arranging and design, but takes great care to introduce the passion and attention to detail needed in order to let your inner talents really shine. Whether you've worked with flowers for a while, or need mentorship to jump to the next level, learning from Carol is a must. I'm so grateful for her training and guidance and highly recommend her class."

~ Elizabeth 

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